Serenity Surrender
Bold Coast Cottage

Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

How does it feel to know self in its entirety? Our desires, goals, education, profession. Family, friends, spouse, children, pets or acquaintances; our bodies; the planter on the balcony or the tree at the backyard. Our Vehicles or gadgets. Our home. The planet we live in or the whole universe that we are a part of. What if I told you all these are simply an extension of your own being? The immediate response will be - but I am a soul or a human being. How am I the whole universe? How about this? You are a unique window of opportunity and possibility for the entire cosmos. Each one of us are divine at our core. Within ourselves we have the potential to become anything; to experience anything. We have the capability to experience being one with the whole existence. Because we are that existence at any given moment. Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop is a 3 days course that lead one to the first step of RECLAIMING our connection to self. Only self is all there is. Our life or our world as we know it with all its potential and shortcomings are mere our perception of our own self. By simply changing our perception we may experience a whole new level of wisdom. Spiritual journey does not take any change in lifestyle or sacrifices. All it takes is the keenness and willingness to live a life full of awareness. Duration- 10am to 5pm Charges - 16500/- (4000/- repeat charges)