Serenity Surrender
Bold Coast Cottage

Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

On the path to transformation within, it is imperative that one learns to connect with the source that has the potential to bring about that transformation. “Healing” as a word doesn’t necessarily mean “correction” of something but it’s about removing the blocks to achieving one’s full potential at all levels. Serenity Surrender(SS) is the most powerful New Age methodology that helps one heal themselves at the deep sub-conscious / soul level to eradicate past life karma and more so that the present moment in one’s life is free of the negativities of the past. The SS basic workshop is an opportunity for complete transformation for it allows one to understand & perceive life from the perspective of their spirit. Each undesirable experience one has with their surroundings has a deep impact on their sub-conscious and slowly layers of karmic deposit is made over several lifetimes which creates a sort of nature & character of the soul. In one’s current life, they might be doing all the right things like helping people, studying, working hard, being honest, loving all etc and yet it’s possible that their experience of life is bitter. Usually such state of affairs leaves one disappointed and feeling like a failure. In case relationships that one invests years in, start to move away or bring disrespect, abuse or hurt, it becomes quite challenging to accept & go on with life feeling fine. Many times, there are strange experiences which are difficult to explain, reveal or understand that cause unrest & fear in people. Many times, one might be doing all the right things to climb the ladder of success and yet all they manifest is failure or mediocrity. All these situations compel and individual to question the ethos of life and it becomes important to understand if one’s existence & experiences have a rhythm or logic to them. SS can be used by one to understand the reasons for why negative thoughts, experiences and responses happen. It also allows one to understand how each experience, situation or person in their life is only helping them understand & know themselves deeper. It brings a basic understanding & appreciation of a human life as an opportunity for growth. SS Basic workshop allows one to learn about the soul’s journey & then also understand how to connect with one’s higher self to be guided. The guidance can be used to heal both self & others. Each person has a healer within themselves so there is no basic qualification required to begin working with the SS New Age therapy. All that is required to attend the workshop is trust & surrender to whatever there is. Formal training workshops are organized in Gurgaon and are led by Minal Arora, who ensures that when one chooses to resolve their past and hence enhance their journey inwardly, they achieve their maximum potential & become equipped with the requisite knowledge to manifest a miraculous & empowered life.