Serenity Surrender
Bold Coast Cottage

Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

Life is Beautiful. It is a bag full of surprises to unlock the true aspects of self through different events, situations and relationships. All these factors enrich our perspectives and experiences. While we dig into the concept of Self Love within us- we realise that whatever is being presented before us through the events etc are all about our innate personalities. The deeper we understand the prevalence of Self Love in our beings, the more are we in sync with our emotions, surroundings and eventually experience peace through different people and situations. Do Join me on this 3 Day tour of Tryst with Self for unlocking the theories of our Emotions, understanding of Karma, connecting with the higher consciousness of Self, Healing self through different methods and much more. Eligibility: Individuals aged above 15 Charges: Rs. 16,500/- for First Time Participants Rs. 4000/- for repeat Participants I would be glad to have your confirmations latest by 7th September, 2018. Thank you :)