Serenity Surrender
Bold Coast Cottage

Serenity Surrender Advanced workshop (Pre-requisite: SS Basic workshop )

Having Done the Basic Workshop and opened our windows of Awareness, our quest for knowing more erupts from within. The true need for healing self and others is crystallised through this workshop where we learn to take messages from our Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ancestors and other beings of Light and work through those messages on self intensively; enhanced methods for healing; Evolving through our Egos; learning the true difference between Doing and Being; knowing deeper about our Karma and how to cleanse ourselves through it; knowing how to connect with your body parts and objects to learn the emotions flowing through them; the import of knowing our future. This workshop gives an ocean of understandings of our selves and how the world has been presenting forth itself through our perceptions. Duration: 4 days Eligibility: Having done the Basic Workshop Twice Charges: First Time Participants: Rs. 20,000/- Repeat: Rs. 5,000/- (Please note this workshop cannot be done distantly so wishing to repeat this workshop ought to attend in person) please do provide your confirmations latest by 23rd September, 2018 Thanking you in Advance :)