Serenity Surrender
Bold Coast Cottage

Serenity Surrender Children's workshop

Our children are independent souls. As parents, we are responsible to train them to lead an empowered life, in turn bringing effortlessness in their journey as well as ours. Every child goes through challenges and fears on a daily basis — studies, peer pressure, incidents at home or school that they are unable to communicate, mostly because of the fear of being rejected or ignored. It is critical that children learn at an early age how to handle and resolve their issues – big or small – while we provide only the necessary supervision / guidance in their growing years. Our children our ready to understand their core issues and resolve them to lead an empowered life! The 5-day Children’s Workshop trains them to: 1.Connect with the cosmic energy. 2.Learn to appreciate and value what they have, to create more abundance for themselves. 3.Understand their relationships with their parents/teachers/friends better and improve them. 4.Work towards