Serenity Surrender
Bold Coast Cottage

Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

Every moment of our reality is manifestation of our subconscious mind. The beliefs stored in our subconscious create our situations, thoughts and actions. Serenity Surrender is a powerful wisdom which helps in dealing with any kind of issue that bothers us by healing the limiting beliefs, soothing past lives and beyond thereby creating enriching present moments.The magic of SS has been witnessed in every possible area of life,be it relationship/health/diseases and disorders/depression/phobia/growth lag/finance or any repetitive issue that comes as pattern in life. Learn SS in a three day workshop which will bring a shift in you for sure and open up the vision to a totally new perception. Highlights : *Understand the subconscious mind,the belief system and its role in the creation of each and every moment for us. *Impact of stuck past and emotions in the NOW. *Healing limiting beliefs and experiencing liberation from our self created traps. *Understanding Kinesiology. *Learn to heal self and others. *Aligning and energizing chakras. *Releasing negativities. *Understanding the Clair senses and their purpose. *Resolve disharmony in relationships. *Overcome fears and phobias. *Experience good heath and vitality. *Overcome diseases and disorders. *Make challenging parenting effortless. *Sail through the legal hassles. *Learn to manifest the desires for the highest best. *Learn to heal clogged emotions and thought patterns. *Connect to your inner being and learn to surrender. *Discover your life purpose and power within. ..and more Dates 15th-17th Sept,2018 Energy Exchange: 16,500/- per participant (new) 4k repeat Venue: Essel Towers, MG Road, Gurgaon Kindly confirm your participation latest by 5th Sept by depositing 5k as advance.