Serenity Surrender

Serenity Surrender Children's workshop

India, Please Select, Gurgaon   |
Minal Arora   |
01/07/2020 to 01/10/2020

SS Children’s Basic Workshop is a 4-day course which is designed to ensure that a child is introduced to a new way of looking at their life. This new way is empowering, and it allows them to recognise, acknowledge and address deep rooted fears, negativities and other blocks that are impeding their grown in the emotional, mental, spiritual or physical context. The workshop allows the child to face bullying, peer pressure, sibling relationships, study related reservations, discipline issues, their connection or concern with their parents and several other aspects which limit the child’s growth.



Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

India, Delhi, Rohini Sector 9   |
Nidhi Sabharwal   |
01/03/2020 to 01/05/2020

Take that first step towards *Transformation* by Attending *3 Day Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop* 
For those who choose to understand themselves deeply, Who are looking for unanswered questions about Self and patterns of situations or choices in their lives should attend this workshop .Learn Healing yourself and Let Go. 
*The workshop covers*–
• Connect with the cosmic energy
• Understand karma
• Surrender & Self Love
• Recognise concerns at work / finance
• Harmonize your relationships
• Discover your potential
• Enhance your self confidence
• Manifest your deepest desire. 
Eligibility - Any individual aged above 15 years of age.

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