Serenity Surrender

Serenity Surrender Seniors' workshop

India, Delhi, Som Vihar, R.K.Puram   |
Ritu Sharma   |
10/05/2020 to 10/07/2020

The Basic for Seniors Workshop has been created to facilitate self-healing for Senior citizens. As we advance in age, we often find ourselves dealing with health issues, as well as fears of loneliness. Besides physical challenges, the Golden years of our life are often spent with ifeelings of being redundant and being dependent on our loved ones. The Basic Workshop for Seniors is designed to address issues such as physical illnesses as well as our fears related to ageing. Through simple self healing techniques, you will feel empowered to address your fears as well as heal yourself. If there are senior members of your family who you feel, would benefit from this workshop, please bear in mind that it should be their choice to attend this workshop, rather than your need to make them attend this workshop.

Since various self healing techniques are taught during the course of this 3 day


Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

India, Delhi, Som Vihar, R.K.Puram   |
Ritu Sharma   |
09/25/2020 to 09/27/2020

Do you ever find yourself feeling anxious-with a knowing that you ought not to feel a certain way , and yet you can’t help but feel so? Does it, at times  happen that you find yourself unable to get out of a loop of negative thoughts, even though you really try very hard wanting to do so? Are there times when you feel like taking action a certain way, but feel that your circumstances do not support you in doing so? Are there situations in your life-in terms of health, relationships or career which leave you feeling helpless and disempowered? If so, I invite you to a journey of self empowerment-of being able to delve deeply into your thoughts, feelings, conflicts, situations and many other aspects which at times define, and at times limit your being. This three day Serenity Surrender Basic workshop facilitates you in finding deeper meaning in


Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

India, Haryana, A03, GF, Amber Block, Emerald Hills, Sector 65, Gurgaon   |
Kamalika Roy   |
08/28/2020 to 08/30/2020

A 3 days in person workshop that transforms the way we look at and feel about life overall.

 Join me for this course if you want to:

-Heal your fears and phobias
-Resolve financial issues
-Focus successfully on career/education/skill
-Heal any ailments- physical/mental
-Resolve Relationship conflicts
-Come out of depression/anxiety/stress/addiction/loss

Date : 28th to 30th Aug'20
Venue : Sectory 65 Gurgaon, emerald hills 
timings : 9:30am to 5:30 pm
charges for first timers - 18000/-
repeat charges - 4500/-
online payment option is available 
for more details or to register please send me an email or send a Whatsap by 26th August'20>

ps: course material and meals are on the house ...


Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

India, Delhi, Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi   |
Sunyanta   |
08/14/2020 to 08/16/2020

The 3 day Workshop facilitates participants to delve deeper into multiple aspects of life by acknowledging the connection between the mind, body and soul. The workshop brings the wisdom of ‘Being Us’ rather than focusing on ‘Why the World Is’. The workshop facilitates self-awareness which helps one in shaping their career and personal lives. While learning the art of healing, each participant brings awareness of self bringing inner peace and self-empowerment. The key inclusions of the workshop are: