Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

India, Delhi, Som Vihar, R.K.Puram   |
Ritu Sharma   |
04/09/2021 to 04/11/2021

This 3 day workshop empowers one to develop  clairsenses and connect with one's  energies to resolve any situations one is dealing with. It gives an understanding of the purpose of all relationships in our life, and how we can experience harmony through them. It also teaches us basic healing techniques for physical ailments. This beautiful workshop gives us an understanding of how we are responsible for each and every situation in our lives and makes us aware of negative subconscious beliefs because of which we attract conflicts in our lives.


Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

India, Delhi, Som Vihar, R.K.Puram   |
Ritu Sharma   |
03/19/2021 to 03/21/2021

This 3 day workshop is an initiation into self healing by making us delve deeper into root causes of our inner conflicts related to health, relationships and career. It empowers you to belief in yourself and gives you a deeper understanding of your life and the choices you make. The Basic Workshop is a beautiful way of understanding our connection with the divine. 


Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

India, Delhi, Healerszone 137/ 138 ,Pkt 12 , Sec 24 ,Rohini, Delhi   |
Abha Jha   |
02/12/2021 to 02/14/2021

Serenity Surrender Workshop is for the ones :

---who are on their quest for existential truths of life like who they are,why they are here, why they connect to somebody on deeper level, the purpose  of life, the truth about God and religion, concept of karma and many other mystical questions

---who are suffering from prolonged physical and mental illnesses

---who want to learn unique healing technique to empower themselves by healing various aspects of their lives

---who want to take up their career as healer


CHARGES- INR 18000/-


CONTACT NO- 9310750574


Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

India, Delhi, Rohini Sector 9   |
Nidhi Sabharwal   |
02/05/2021 to 02/07/2021

Take that first step towards transformation  by Attending 3 Day Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop 
For those who choose to understand themselves deeply, Who are looking for unanswered questions about Self and patterns of situations or choices in their lives should attend this workshop .
Learn Healing yourself and Let Go. 
The workshop covers–
• Connect with the cosmic energy
• Understand karma
• Surrender & Self Love
• Recognise concerns at work / finance
• Harmonize your relationships
• Discover your potential
• Enhance your self confidence
• Manifest your deepest desire.


Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

India, Delhi, Som Vihar, R.K.Puram   |
Ritu Sharma   |
02/04/2021 to 02/06/2021

We often feel stuck in our situations-at times as a job we do not enjoy, a relationship we feel stuck in, or a physical ailment. The Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop helps us in identifying our conflicts related to such situations and facilitates transcending them. Through this workshop one can resolve inner conflicts by learning to heal and recognise oneself. One also gets insights and a deep understanding about our clairsenses and how to activate them, the use of Serenity Surrender Oracle cards, transmuting karmic cords, balancing our inner Masculine and Feminine energies and many other concepts. This empowering three day workshop will enable you to understand and accept yourself as well as your situations.


Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

India, Delhi, Kadambari Appartments, Sector 9, Rohini   |
Mridu Bajaj   |
03/06/2020 to 03/08/2020

The 3 day SS Basic Workshop introduces you to the SS ideology and equips one to be able to heal themselves and others using the SS healing techniques.

One can benefit from these learnings in the following ways:

Our Books and Cards

Let the Power be With You
Serenity Surrender Card Deck
Let Go Mom…..I will be Fine