Serenity Surrender
Bold Coast Cottage

Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

Come discover the light that we are as what's more beautiful than discovering oneself in each moment, which makes this journey worthwhile by making one self-empowered. This 3 day cerificate workshop helps one recognize themselves through their physical, emotional as well as spiritual levels. Learning the art of healing encourages one to open the layers of inner peace from within and shred the external quest of peace. Join us on this magical journey of rediscovering self.
During the workshop one learns -

•    The technique to connect with the Creator (our higher self) and recognise our eternal connection with the Universe and everything in it;
•    To recognise the conflicts faced by us in the present,being a result of the deep rooted beliefs carried by us at the sub-conscious level;
•    To recognise the origin and basis of our emotions, their impact on us, and gradually release the negative ones;
•    To align our Chakras (Energy Centres) through Meditation;
•    To facilitate manifestation of our desires
•    Recognisethe choices made by us in each moment and witness themcoming in alignment with the universe
•    Connect and heal through SS cards;
•    To heal self and others for any problem faced in our daily lives;
•    To become aware of our judgements which are stopping us from experiencing our relationships completely;
•    To recognise and release our blocks that open gates for success and growth;
•    Heal physical ailments

Dates - 25th Jan - 27th Jan (Friday to Sunday)
Duration - 3 days
Timings - 10am-5pm
Age group - 16yrs to 60 yrs
Energy Exchange - 16500/-
Venue - C2- 1504, Cleo County, Sector - 121, Noida
Inculsions - Manual, SS healing cards, Certificate, breakfast, lunch and evening tea

Message Gunjan at 9910988654 to register yourself.
Last date of registration 22nd Jan 2019