Serenity Surrender
Bold Coast Cottage

Serenity Surrender Basic workshop

Do you ever find yourself stuck in situations-at times in the form of a knowing that you ought not to feel a certain way , and yet you can’t help but feel so? Are there times when you feel like taking action a certain way, but feel that your circumstances do not support you in doing so? Are there situations in your life-in terms of health, relationships or career which leave you feeling helpless and disempowered? If so, I invite you to a journey of self empowerment-of being able to delve deeply into your thoughts, feelings, conflicts, situations and many other aspects which at times define, and at times limit your being. This three day Serenity Surrender Basic workshop facilitates you in finding deeper meaning in aspects related to your health, career, relationships and other areas which restrict you from fully experiencing joy and fulfillment in life. In these three