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Minal Arora - Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)

Minal Arora is an established therapist & trainer, both, in Serenity Surrender(SS) healing modality. She runs a healing center by the name of "Healing Cottage" in New Delhi.

Her journey within began with her accidentally encountering the past Life Regression Academy in Singapore where she lived at the time & deciding to learn the technique. When she moved back to India, she realized that regression didn't offer any help with self-healing and as she would help people regress into their past lives, she more and more felt her own past started surfacing which she didn't know how to dissolve. This is when the universe guided her to Shivi Dua & SS. Ever since, the reckons, she has never looked back. She now takes workshops to reach and spread the knowledge of SS and also indulges in talks / seminars to grow awareness of how one's past impacts their present and how resolving it can open new doors in one's existence.

Technically, Minal has a background of IT and had been running her own technical consultancy & solutions firm for a few years now. Her corporate career gave her immense satisfaction but in the last few years, she felt drawn to working with people in a way that addresses the deepest, innermost issues. She believes all of us carry the same basic core values and are all interconnected on another plane, yet, at times we resort to hurting people we love. Sometimes, it’s to do with ego, sometimes guilt, depression, anger, frustration or so many other negative emotions. Whatever these emotions are, they leave all of us to that basic question that why would we end up hurting people or hurting ourselves when we come from purity and divinity. The answer to this question comes from the understanding of the backlog that we carry from our past, including our past lives. She believes if she has a role to play in one's journey, they will find her & they will be guided so as she. For more details on her work & schedules, please look through both her websites at &

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