Serenity Surrender
Bold Coast Cottage

Jigyasa Jain - Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender (SS)

Happiness came in pieces, life had everything but enjoying any of it remained a struggle. There were blocks which changed their forms but never went off. I accepted all the life’s challenges as destiny till the time whatever handful I had also came crashing down right in front of me.By this time I tried many modalities and many other ways of resolving the mess that I was experiencing in my life. A few things brought relief but temporary. Nothing seemed to give answers though . My quest brought me to Serenity Surrender. It has not only transformed my experience of life, it has given me a power to understand and imbibe my lessons, live each moment as it comes and be in acceptance of all that I experience. I feel joy and peace within and empowered for mine and others around me happiness and my well being. Serenity surrender has also given me the power of being a channel and facilitator for others to discover and imbibe the beautiful side of their life. I feel eternally cherished by being a part of the healer team of Serenity Surrender!

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