Serenity Surrender
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Kanika R Kapur - Practicing Therapist and a Teacher of Serenity Surrender(SS)

Kanika R Kapur

Kanika R Kapur is a life enthusiast whose passions have varied from travelling to understanding the mysteries and intricacies of life. Her journey always seemed different to her family and friends. She always wondered why her loved ones and herself always seemed to be tested in relationships and situations through conflicts such as feeling cheated, having guilt and anger, feeling deceived, holding resentment and similar negative emotions.Being a Business Management Graduate got her many professional engagements in Media, Human Resources and Marketing.

Her journey through life just never seemed enough for her. This is what got her into exploring and seeking more answers. After going through an intense process of learning through different areas of her life and lives of her loved ones, she found herself in the shelter of all things that could nourish her Mind Body and Soul. She actively participated in the Vipassana practise worldwide, Yoga, Hypnotherapy and is also a professioanlly qualified Re-Birther.

It was when she stumbled upon Serenity Surrender (SS) that Transformation began from her Soul. Through the practise of SS she has witnessed huge shifts in herself and in the reality she is living them. Her journey with SS enabled her to go beyond certain limitations or boundaries. It bought her recognition of conflicts the soul had been carrying and living through for many Life Times. Her journey started with Empowerment through SS and gradually bought her to the point where she wants to be a part of spreading the practice to people, empowering them to see beyond their limitations . Through conducting these workshops she feels that people can understand and learn the lesson behind the Karma they are living, resolve it by coming into acceptance and then heal it so the conflict completes its cycle and gradually moves away. She is based in Mumbai conducting SS workshops there and also globally.

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