Serenity Surrender

Recognise Your Inner Power... Improve your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual health.

Find your connection with your source and heal your body, mind and spirit!

Find your connection with your source and heal your body, mind and spirit!

Abundance isn't limited to the physical. Happiness doesn't come at a price.

Break free of your limiting beliefs! Recognise your power to experience all that you would ever want to.

You no longer have to live in shadows of the Past...

Learn to look at yourself and your life from a higher perspective; the perspective of your source.

It is possible to reclaim your inner power and start re-creating your life as you now want it.

Stressed? Harassed by the complications of life?

Resolve your inner conflicts and make your progress effortless and life smooth!

Discover you power to experience peace and joy in each moment.

Live victimised and helpless NO LONGER!

Your strength is hidden in your connection with the divine. Rediscover that connection.

Connect with your source and empower yourself through taking complete responsibility of your life.

Serenity Surrender(SS)

Serenity Surrender(SS) heals our lives and connects us with our inner power. Besides resolving the immediate concerns, it brings about a balance in the energies of the person and a huge amount of positivity in their outlook towards life.

When the going gets tough, that is the time to recognise that we are at the stepping stone of evolution and there is something that needs to be released from our subconscious mind, which is causing hindrance to our growth. Almost anything not working for us in terms of ourselves, our behaviour, our relationships, our life situations and physical ailments are only signs for us to realise that we need to pay attention inwardly and allow our energies to expand, and manifest whatever we desire.

SS is a healing therapy to release the negative karma that we carry from our past lives and the current life. We attract situations and people in our lives based on our karma. The karma resides within us in the form of our subconscious beliefs.

Nidhi Sabharwal

For Nidhi life was entertaining, life was fulfilling till she found herself facing miseries in her relationships and situations which

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Deepti Priyadarshini Kabra

Deepti has always had a deep connection with Spirituality since as long as she can remember. Since childhood, she has

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The beliefs held in the subconscious mind will manifest in our lives, no matter what. The negative ones create problem situations for us. We find ourselves in situations and with people we seem to have no control over. Often we fail to understand why we are going through what we are. At such times, all our efforts at keeping our attitude positive seem to fail.

Through SS healing therapy, you can let go of those beliefs that are not serving you now. This will not only resolve your present situation but also help you create a future of your choice. SS is a way to learn to live an empowered life.


The power to change everything that you experience lies inside you.

The power to change everything that you experience lies inside you.

It is time to take complete responsibility of your life, so that you can change it for the better!

Learn the art of understanding and healing your karmic journey and also helping friends and family. Serenity Surrender is a healing modality that encompasses all aspects of life and can help anyone to resolve the most in any aspect of their lives.

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A lot of what we experience in our current life has its seed in our past lives. It is possible to heal that in our past lives that is creating negative experiences for us during this lifetime. SS believes in being able to live the present moment without our past lives driving the incidents that we experience in this moment. That is possible. It is possible to reprogram the sub-conscious such that it creates positive experiences for us.

How SS works

Everything held in our subconscious manifests in our life as our physical reality. Bringing about changes in the subconscious, therefore, brings about change in the life that we live. The transformation experienced is immense.

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When to Start

If there is a concern you have in any aspect of your life, or if there is an area you would want improvement in, SS helps you materialize that growth. A desire to have a deeper understanding of life can also be fulfilled through SS.

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What is Healing

Healing is looking at a human being holistically, i.e. aligning the 'whole' of the person's energies when aiming at resolving just a concern in one aspect of live. SS actually goes beyond being just a healing therapy. By learning it, one can initiate oneself into empowered living!

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What SS Resolves

The relationships we are a part of, deadlines at work, physical ailments, financial concerns, unexplained fears, helplessness due to addictions, depression, etc. are some of the many aspects that can be helped with SS.

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SS - A simple but great tool, taught by a great teacher 'Shivi Dua', which has completely changed my outlook towards life and understanding of self. I feel blessed to be a part of it. I smile at how ignorantly I used to blame Creator, my destiny for