Serenity Surrender
Serenity Surrender

Everything that we experience in our lives has been created by our soul to be experienced by us based on the experiences it has had and lessons it has learnt in the past. These lessons are carried by the subconscious mind in the form of beliefs. These beliefs manifest in our lives as situations.

Let’s consider an example where a person A trusts another person B deeply. They have had a long association and B has a lot of personal information of A. One day A realizes that B has cheated him and taken undue advantage of knowing his innermost secrets. A is devastated and shocked. In this state of deep grief and shock, A decides that he will never ever trust anyone again. He starts believing that ‘it is unsafe to trust’. This is a precious lesson learnt by him through this experience as it will save him from further misery of being cheated like this again. The shock had been deep enough to affect his soul.

When the soul enters another physical body in the next incarnation, the conscious mind is like a clean slate and doesn’t remember the past experiences of the soul.

The soul, however, considers it necessary for this new conscious mind to be aware of the lessons learnt by it in the past. Therefore, it brings one untrustworthy person after another for this person to experience till the new conscious mind also believes that it is indeed unsafe to trust.

Using the SS technique, we can heal the soul of the first instance when it faced deceit. The soul is then made to learn the Creator way of understanding of the event that had happened. It makes the soul realize and develop beliefs that ‘it is safe to trust’, ‘I know whom to trust’, ‘I know when to trust’. These beliefs now start manifesting for this person new situations where he attracts trustworthy people and knows when to be careful in trusting them.

The beliefs that we carry are our karma that we have to live. These beliefs generate thoughts within us.

Our conscious and subconscious thoughts leave us in the form of energy packets that communicate with the cosmic energy to create the physical reality that we experience in our lives.

If a mother has, due to certain reasons, developed a belief during this lifetime that she was unable to take good care of her children, she will develop a deep guilt for her children. This guilt will remain with her soul and manifest even in her lifetimes to come as situations that will make her feel guilty for her children. Helping the soul look at the situation that first happened to give her this guilt with the Creator’s perspective makes her accept what had happened and integrate it within her being. Her relationship with her children in the future is then no longer guided by the negative charge carried by the soul.

The past lives are visited only to clear the unresolved issues there so that our current life and our future are no longer guided by the negativities we have been carrying from there. We can start afresh and create our life as we want it now.

The most significant fact to understand and remember, is that the root to everything we experience in this moment lies inside us. Serenity Surrender allows us to reach that root and heal it. This root could be embedded in one of our past lives or somewhere in the past in our current life. Healing such roots within us is very liberating, as it empowers us to begin to live life as we want to. It is even more liberating to be able to learn to do it for ourselves. Learning Serenity Surrender helps an individual in multiple ways!

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