Serenity Surrender
About Shivi Dua

Having worked as a computer software professional for 5 years, Shivi Dua’s move to the path of healing was need based as her daughter was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 3. Beginning with Reiki in the year 2000, she did all levels of learning and teaching the same. Her daughter’s health had become much better.

Healing by now, had become a way of life for her. So the move to Theta Healing was natural for her the moment it was introduced in India.

As she started practicing Theta Healing, she was getting intuitively guided to carrying out the healings differently. In early 2010 she realized that her way of conducting the healings had changed entirely from what she had learnt. To be able to share in the form of teaching what she practiced, she needed to give it a structure and a name. It is then that “Serenity Surrender” came into being.

“In this entire process, my self awareness has deepened greatly and I have learnt to take complete responsibility of my life. This not only means owning up my faults, but also acknowledging the inherent potential inside myself to start re-creating myself and my life, the way I now want it, and I am very happy with the results. My daughter, too, leads a healthy life now. I now live in a much better awareness and acceptance of myself and things around me. People and situations around me don’t appear to be controlling me, as they used to earlier. I naturally welcome each day with joy and happiness and a peace and calm prevails my mind as I go about my day-to-day activities” , says Shivi Dua.

She wanted to share this understanding of life and the power that each one of us has within to recreate our lives as we want it. It is with this intention that she wrote the book Let the Power be with You (publisher Wisdom Tree) that went on to become an integral part of the SS Basic workshop.

Her second book, Let Go Mom...I wil be Fine (both the books are available on provides a new insight into the parent-child relationship. It gives a fresh perspective to the parents, enabling them to see how their relationship with their child is meant to bring growth not only to their child, but to themeselves, too. It aims at breaking the conditioning that the parents have to be sacrificing in order to ensure their child's bright future. It brings clarity about the parents' insecurities for their child and their need to control their child. This book forms a part of the 'Enrichment through Parenting SS Workshop'.

While creating the Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop, Shivi Dua was guided to create a Deck of Oracle Cards. They are a powerful means of connecting with the divine and receiving the message most appropriate for anyone to receive at any time, for any situation/concern. The Serenity Surreder deck of 69 Oracle Cards is an integral part of the SS way of healing, and hence the SS workshops, too.

Innumerable people have found relief from their problems through healing sessions with her. Some of them experienced a major turn-around in the situations of life they were stuck in immediately after beginning the process of getting themselves healed by her.

The Serenity Surrender workshop participants feel empowered to take complete charge of their lives. Not only participating in the workshop provides them a profound shift in their energies but regular practice allows them to get over big and small road blocks on their journey of life with ease and grace.

Reiki and Theta Healing, both have played their roles in Shivi Dua's journey. However, 'Serenity Surrender' is a product of the progress she has experienced in terms of understanding human life, while going through the process of self-realisation and getting more and more in touch with her own core. Serenity Surrender, therefore, is an extremely profound way of enabling one to go beyond the blocks that are stopping them in their journey from accessing and realising the substance, the true potential they carry deep within.

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