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Serenity Surrender Healing Courses

Training is an essential part of growth. It is by way of training that Shivi Dua has been able to spread her knowledge and understanding about Serenity Surrender and how it can trigger transformation in one's life. The idea is not to churn out healers although she believes each one has a healer within. It's just that some people might choose to use their healing energies for themselves and some might want to extend them professionally as well. Either way, it's crucial to learn the technique and go through a formal training.

These healing courses works in two ways for the benefit of those participating. Firstly, of course they find their connection to the creator and learn to use the guidance to heal. Learning to self-heal has innumerable benefits. Secondly, by way of being present in the group energy of the workshop , a lot of karmic release has been observed in most participants. It's just a matter of allowing oneself to be fully present and in surrender.

Serenity Surrender healing courses in Gurgaon/Delhi/NCR,are conducted every month

SS Basic Workshop
Welcome to our workshops

The workshops/healing courses have been designed such that anyone, even with no prior spiritual background can learn them and practice the work. It is meant to make our day to day life simpler and much more enjoyable. Those who don’t have healing as their path in life would be able to apply the technique to self-heal and improve their output in whatever is their destined path of growth. At the same time, those who have a deeper interest in healing their lives and helping others as well, can adopt it to be their main/alternative area of work. To begin your wondrous journey with Serenity Surrender, doing the 3-day SS Basic workshop is the way.

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Some of our workshops

1.) Basic
This is a 3-day Workshop where you can learn to
  • Connect with the cosmic energy
  • Release yourself from your negative karma
  • Harmonize your relationships
  • Discover your potential
  • Enhance your self confidence
  • Manifest your deepest desires
Who can do it
This is a 3-day Workshop where you can learn to
  • bringing about a positive change in one or more aspects of their life
  • their spiritual growth
  • rediscover their inner power
  • understand their life purpose
  • help themselves and others in overcoming their problems
2.) Childrens'
This is a 5-day (4 hours per day) workshop where the children learn to
  • Connect with the cosmic energy
  • Understand their relationships with their parents/teachers/friends better and improve them
  • Restore their peace of mind and self-confidence after an event that disturbed them
  • Learn to appreciate and value what they have, to create more abundance for themselves
  • Work towards understanding their wishes better and making them come true
  • Deal with their fears, anxiety, stress, etc. and learn to stop creating these within
3.) Enrichment through Parenting
This workshop brings clarity regarding how and where, in trying to give our child the best, we have deviated from the real purpose of parenting. In this process, therefore, we ended up creating karma for ourselves, lifetime after lifetime.
It is a very intense workshop and brings about a lot of clarity in our relationships with our children, parents and siblings.
4.) Harmonizing Feminine & Masculine within
The current plane of our evolution is the plane of duality. This workshop brings a deeper understanding of the duality of gender we are experiencing and understanding ourselves through. It aims at bringing about a balance in the feminine and masculine aspects of our energies.
5.) The Elements : Beyond the Physical
This workshop introduces a very new, unique and deep understanding of the five elements our current plane of evolution is constituted of. As a pre-requisite, it requires the participants to have done various other SS workshops.
6.) Advanced
This is a 4-day Workshop which enhances and gives a much deeper understanding of the work learnt in the Basic workshop.
7.) Teachers Training for the SS Basic workshop
Sharing one’s knowledge and experience and helping others grow brings happiness. When someone has learnt and adopted the SS way of life, they naturally progress to wanting to share this knowledge with others and see them benefit, too. This workshop prepares its participants to be able to conduct the SS Basic workshop on their own.
Healing courses in Pune/Mumbai are conducted 2-3 times a year. Serenity Surrender healing courses in Chandigarh are meant to cater to those residing in Punjab and Haryana, who are keen on coming out of their intense problems or on making their spiritual journey more rewarding.
8.) The Retreat
This is a 7-day residential workshop, which brings about karma cleansing at deep levels. It also enhances the participants' understanding of their lives from a higher perspective.
9.) Basic for Seniors
This is a workshop for the elders. In a very simple but profound manner, it enables them to live their lives with greater ease, deal with their fears, loneliness, illnesses, insecurity, etc. It supports them in this seemingly difficult phase of life by providing them awareness of their connection with the divine.